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Breeding Goals
    The main objective with Charolais breeding is to establish and build an economic efficient breed, under SA pasture conditions, which will on these conditions, make the Charolais as a much sought after beef breed with commercial producers.
    The second goal is to further the breedís unique potential in the cross breeding with the proviso that it will have no effect on the economic efficiency of the female herd.

Breeding Policy
    Selection on appearance;
    Selection on the animals own performance;
    Selection on breeding values;
    Selection on breeding values of its ancestors (Progeny proven bulls)

Selection Criteria for Female Animals
Reproduction Qualities

    Minimum standards for number of calves
    Cows which do not conform to these standards will automatically be culled (Refer to Annexure B 1.3)
Age first calving (AFC)
    The Maximum AFC is 39 months. Heifers that neither did nor calve on 39 months will automatically be culled.
Cow/calf weight relation at birth not more than 9.
    This is temporary optional, but may at a later stage be recommended as a selection goal.

Production Criteria
100 day weight

    This is optional but is strongly recommended as a selection tool for milk production.
Phase A: Wean Indexes
    Bull calves:    Minimum 90*
    Heifer calves: Minimum 90*
    Calves without the minimum index will not qualify for recording.
Phase B: 1 year and or 18 month indexes*
    Heifers Minimum 90 maximum 130
    Heifers with an index of 130+ may only be inspected if they are functional efficient and display female features.
    One of these measures are compulsory for registration. It remains the choice of the breeder. Both measurements should however be taken to be able to calculate the breeding values.

Conformation Qualities
The criteria for conformation qualities are specified in the standard of excellence and in the inspection regulations. To qualify for registration the animals have to comply to these standards. Strict discrimination measures are implemented on too big, excess muscling, too late maturing or too small animals.

Selection Criteria for Bulls
Selection criteria for bulls are vested on Phases A, B, C and D. Phase B testing is compulsory for all bulls. For AI bulls Phase C (FCR) or an intensive Phase D (Kleiber ratio) compulsory.  An extensive Phase B is recommended for commercial bulls although Phase B data will suffice. BLUP breeding values are valuable.

Minimum Standards
    ADG/ADA indexes of at least 90 for Phase A,B,C and D.  Minimum indexes of 90 is compulsory for feed conversion (Phase C) and Kleiber ratio (Phase D)
Conformation and maturity
    The criteria for conformation qualities are listed in the standard of excellence and inspection regulations. For registration the animals have to qualify on these standards.
Reproduction qualities
    Scrotum circumference measured in relation with weight /and or age. Any morphological diversity is a disqualification.
    Bulls under 12 months are not measured although thy may have the correct weight.
    The following minimum standards are applicable for bulls between 12 and 36 months.
    Refer to minimum Breed Standards.
    Sheath size and form - Discriminate /disqualify against over size or abnormalities.

Qualities to be measured by breeders for performance testing
    Cow weight (Mass)               
          a) At weaning of calf
          b) within 3 days after birth*
          *At present optional, but highly recommended.
    Birth weight of calves.
    Weight on 12 and 18 months.



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Breeding Policy

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